Passive Earning

Get rewarded by simply holding a positive balance in your account.

Our passive income platform is simple, easy to use, and easy to understand. Just hold a balance in your account, and you will get monthly interest payments on it.

Interest per annum

Up to 127%

Compounded and rewarded


Available assets


What's in it for you?

No bonding

You can deposit and withdraw your funds whenever you want.

Monthly payments

You will receive monthly interest payments on your balance.

Business friendly

Make your business cash work to generate even more profits.

Withdraw in fiat

We allow fiat withdraws for some of the assets you can earn passive income from.

The best protection

Preserve your purchasing power and protect yourself from inflation.

User friendly

Our platform is elegant, efficient and very easy to use.

Available assets to stake:


Tether (USDT)

APY @ 1%p.a.

Minimum Balance of USDT 100

Nova Token

Nova Token (NBK)

APY @ 57%p.a. *

Minimum Balance of NBK 10,000

Supernova Token (SNT)

APY @ 18%p.a.

Minimum Balance of SNT 600

LP Nova Token (xNBK)

APY @ 127%p.a. *

No Minimum Balance Required

LP Supernova Token (xSNT)

APY @ 87%p.a. *

No Minimum Balance Required

* For a limited time; limited to NBK 7,000,000 in interest payouts.